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Indonesia is an archipelago has many fascinating natural beauty and diverse culture characterizes. Natural charm and culture into the country's tourism icon is ready to become International Destination. Especially in the area of Indonesia Java has many natural and cultural charm, beauty seen from the mountains, beaches and various historical relics. Indonesia Java International Destination because we can and it is rich.

For those of you who like to travel to Indonesia to make Java into a tourist destination. For those of you who like to travel can make Indonesia Java became a tourist destination. Indonesia Java has a variety of natural charm beaches, mountains, waterfalls, museums, temples and the palace and various centers such as batik handicraft. Maybe if you will not miss the adventure tourist attraction if all the opportunity to set foot on the island of Java, Indonesia. It's clear you'll feel some tour experience. The enchantment of nature can our binoculars from various locations so that the landscape becomes more diverse and different experiences into your reference. So nothing wrong if the tourist Java Indonesia made the International Destination.

Java Tourism Object International Destination

Some Indonesia Java tourist who became the mainstay of international destination located in DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java and Yogyakarta. All of nature tourism and historical tourism in the island of Java Indonesia each has its own characteristics.

Interesting tourist objects to aim at the International Destination Indonesia DKI Jakarta State is Pulau Seribu, Mekarsari Park, Ragunan Zoo, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Elephant Museum and the Museum Fatahillah.

In the West Java region of Indonesia, an attractive tourist and visited a lot of Pangandaran Beach Ciamis, Pelabuhan Ratu Beach and Ujung Genteng Beach Sukabumi, Tangkuban Perahu, Puncak Bogor-Cianjur, Bogor Botanical Gardens, Cibodas Botanical Garden, Indonesia Safari Park, Nusantara Flowers Park Cianjur, Ir. H. Djuanda Forest Park Bandung, Bandung Bosscha Observatory, Kesepuhan and Kanoman Palace Cirebon.

Object of interest tourism and the international destination in the Central Java region is Maerokoco Castle (Central Java Mini Park), and the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) is located in the city of Semarang and Fossil Museum Sangiran in the path Purwodadi-Solo. Baturaden Recreation Park, Taman Ria Kyai Langgeng also often visited by tourists. Another interesting tourist attraction is Kasunanan Palace and Mangkunegara Temple, heritage temples Majapahit in Karanganyar, three tombs Walisanga (Sunan Kalijaga, Sunan Kudus, Sunan Muria), Goa Jatijajar and Beach Karangbolong in Kebumen, Grojogan Sewu Waterfall, Guci Tourism Object on the slopes of Mount Slamet Tegal and famous Batik Pekalongan. Visit Goal International's most interesting is the Biggest Hindu Temple of Borobudur Temple, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage.

East Java Indonesia also has many tourist objects into Indonesia Java International Destination. Among them is the National Park Bromo-Semeru Mountains which is Indonesia conservation area and uniqueness of the mountain peaks towering into the clouds. Baluran National Park is located at the eastern end of Java Island Indonesia also has its own beauty. Another tourist attraction is the Museum Sampoerna, Majapahit Hotel, a Hindu Temple Panataran, and Karapan Sapi or cow race from Madura.

Sightseeing is very interesting also in Yogyakarta, such as the Malioboro, Gembiraloka Zoo, Taman Sari Water Castle, Yogyakarta Kembali Monument, Sultan's Palace Museum and the Museum Sonobudoyo, slopes of Merapi, Parangtritis Beach, Beach Baron, Samas Beach, Goa Selarong, Prambanan Temple, Temple Kalasan and the Palace Ratu. In the northwestern area of Borobudur Temple Yogyakarta there.Indonesia Java is famous for its delicious food,cheap and nutritious food that makes people miss who never set foot in this city.

In addition to the above mentioned more attractive tourist locations on the island of Java. Various shades of tourism, the island of Java it signifies a lot of natural and cultural wealth of our country Indonesia. This must be the pride of its own and introduced into the eyes of the world so that objects of tourism Indonesia Java International Destination.

So where your goal?. Various natural tourist attractions and historical tourism Java Indonesia ready to add knowledge and experience of travel and ready to become an international destination. The gift of Almighty God to show us the beauty of natural and historic heritage makes us more familiar with the importance of gratitude to all the favors granted. Generate Tourism Indonesia, Indonesia Java International Destination. dikelola oleh tiga orang pemuda (Abede Thalib, Alyssa K, Lisa Nathalia) yang sementara belajar menulis, dan berdedikasi untuk menyampaikan informasi terbaru yang diketahuinya.

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