Travel Tips - Holiday in Singapore

Travel Tips - Holiday in Singapore - Using a culture interwoven with Indian, Chinese and Malaysian threads, Singapore is an fascinating ethnic concoct. It's long standing history that has given the culture that Singapore now boasts of.

With inputs from age old cultures, the nation is now a nation having a specific identity. As the Arabs and Europeans followed suit, Singapore became a location having a multitude of races, cultures and languages. The several temples offer in Singapore are a testimony to its Indian influence. As European influence grew, Singapore took the western flavor too.

As the range of skyscrapers and shopping malls grew, Singapore grew in its status as one of the most happening shopping destinations within the world. It's the fascinating boutiques that make Singapore one of the most opulent shopping destinations within the world. From electronics to designer wear and from branded garments to antiques, Singapore includes a wide range for all. In addition to spending time at the swanky malls and mega stores, your trip to Singapore would be incomplete unless you visit the age old shop houses lined on the streets from the odd markets.

With everything upscale and classy, don't misinterpret Singapore to become a mere urbane spot. A heaven for all wildlife and nature lovers, Singapore allows you to haveclose to deadly sharks at Underwater Globe in Sentosa. For more, go biking to Bukit Timah or head on to a leopard hunt at Singapore Zoo's magical Night Safari. In addition to Singapore, you can also visit Thailand travel.

In the next few months, new year 2012 again we celebrate, and then will come the Chinese New Year 2012. dikelola oleh tiga orang pemuda (Abede Thalib, Alyssa K, Lisa Nathalia) yang sementara belajar menulis, dan berdedikasi untuk menyampaikan informasi terbaru yang diketahuinya.

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