Robert Pattinson Purchase Promise Ring With Diamonds for Kristen Stewart

As fans already know, the actress recently turned 21, when he received a motorcycle as a gift from Robert and the rest of the cast "Twilight."

It turns out that Robert has more surprises for your girlfriend: He also bought a vintage ring with a diamond promise huge, and he is only waiting for the right time to water it.

Anonymous spy for the magazine says Robert I been in search of the perfect gift for Kristen, and finally found it through a distributor of jewelry.

"[He] bought a 'promise ring' with diamonds for his girlfriend co-star of 21 years and is now waiting for the opportune moment to give you," says the magazine.

'The friend of the couple reveals that Rob has been showing the ring was made in the nineteenth century. 'The ring is made with rose cut diamonds rose gold' says the friend, "according to OK!

$ 17,000 ring was described as very "feminine" and of another era - like the Edward Cullen (Pattinson's character in "The Twilight Saga") gives Bella (Stewart) when he proposed, could add.

This time, however, there will be proposed, which is why Robert chose a ring just does not look anything like a wedding ring.

But is willing to commit to something more serious than they have now, and is taking steps to show just that Kristen

"Rob is more mature than Kristen, and is ready to settle. Rob is married to Kristen, but she knows that she is not ready, so he is taking things very slowly. So he bought the ring of promise" says the same anonymous source.

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