Signs of Doomsday in Islam

From the previous End of Times in Islam have declared that no one on earth who knew for sure the coming days late, whether it is a prophet, apostle or an angel. However, God berisifat Rahman and Rahim, although I have to know when the arrival of the last day (Resurrection), Allah 'Azza Wajalla still make the signs that indicate that the incidence of end is near. This is so that we who live now alert and many worship God for all His commands and stay away from all His prohibitions. In the world we now inhabit make good planting fields, we will undoubtedly good deeds will enjoy it. But otherwise, we will enjoy the ugliness in this world if we plant the ugliness.

Signs that show was her Day of Resurrection, Allah 'Azza Wajalla been included in the holy book Quran S. Muhammad (18) which means:

"There's nothing apart from their waiting time that comes with a sudden (ie Resurrection) to them. Truly the signs have come. But what is the meaning of their consciousness that, if time had been waiting had arrived".

The signs of the coming end of the day that there are 2 kinds, namely the small end (shughroo) and large end (kubro). The signs of doom shughroo is as follows:
1. Message of Muhammad SAW as a Messenger of Allah
2. The loss of Sciences (Benefits Sciences)
3. Rampant adultery
4. Rampant khomar
5. Many men who go (the number of men less than women)
6. Women remained (the number of women more)
7. Slave women gave birth to her mistress
8. The men's bare feet, naked body and his work became the leader of goats
9. The same goat shepherds exaggerated in terms of building
10. Role between the two powers (super power)
11. The release of the Antichrist (the liars, the vandals)
12. The disappearance of Islamic science
13. Many earthquakes
14. Times have close
15. Many arise slander (all aspects and forms of life)
16. Murder is rampant
17. Shodaqoh Denied (no one wants to accept shodaqoh)
18. Exaggeration in the matter of building
19. Many people who walk in front of the cemetery and then expect the death
20. Smoke enveloped the earth

While kubro signs (large) Resurrection is as follows:
1. From the direction of sunrise (horizon) west
2. The release of the magical animals (animals that can talk)
3. The release of Imam Al Mahdi (descendant of the Prophet Muhammad's name or Ahmad Bin Abdullah Bin Abdullah)
4. Exit back to the Dajjal (claims to be God)
5. Revelation of the Prophet Isa.
6. The release of Ya'juj and Ma'juj nation (nation destroyers, bullying and detractors)
7. Discharge of smoke (smoke that enveloped the whole universe)
8. Damage to the Ka'bah (Baitul Haram) by people from Habasyah (Ethiopia)
9. The disappearance of the Qur'an mashaf and liver (verbally and written)

The author does not explain every part of the small signs and large come to an end, due to fear of misinterpreting the author and publish your mistake. However, you can open the Quran and Hadiths to seek an explanation of the signs when shughroo and kubro coming doomsday.

Believing in the final day (Resurrection) is obligatory to believe firmly convinced. The Hour will occur, and all forms of God's creatures in this earth will be destroyed, broken and shattered. When no longer useful end world possessions in piles, no longer useful skyscraper, the child can not give relief to the father or mother or to his master. Children do not know his father, the father did not know her, each thinking about himself. On that day the earthquake happened everywhere, people fly like a butterfly without a goal, knocked down the mountains like cotton that are rising into the sky.

So, some of the signs of the above has been shown by the Creator ... What about the truth of the Maya calendar predict the date of December 21, 2012 is the End of Times?. dikelola oleh tiga orang pemuda (Abede Thalib, Alyssa K, Lisa Nathalia) yang sementara belajar menulis, dan berdedikasi untuk menyampaikan informasi terbaru yang diketahuinya.

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