End of Times According to Islam

Resurrection according to Islam - the previous paper has outlined the Doomsday Calendar Year 2012 in Maya. The point is that the calculation of the Mayan Calendar 3113 BC to 2012 AD, who declared on December 21, 2012 is "End of Times". At the end of the day will be a civilization of mankind this time (Mayan calendar). After that, mankind will enter a new civilization of the total that have nothing to do with civilization today.

The author came to believe not believe the Mayan calendar calculations, so that the contents of the following article "Rapture according to Islam" is a calendar compare to the Mayan Calendar. But if you are Muslim, would trust these reviews.

Resurrection According to Islam it would come and approach us, but when the day comes or arrives late it is only God knoweth. This is described in the Word of God (Muhammad) in a few chapters, which means:

"In fact side of God that is all his knowledge to know when the arrival of doomsday. God is also the rain and the All-Knowing what is in the womb". (The Qur'an S. Al Luqman: 34)

"To God be restored step that knowledge about the Hour is coming". (The Qur'an S. Fush shilat: 47)

"The Hour will come, I keep (time) in order that every soul was rewarded with what he's trying to do". (The Qur'an S. Thaaha: 15)

"I (God) does not give evidence to them about the creation of the heavens and the earth, nor even about the creation of self-recorded his own". (The Qur'an S. Al-Kahf: 51)

Next Word Prophet Muhammad about the end of the day or the Day of Resurrection, which was reported by a few friends, which means:

"The key to that magic five things that no one can know except God himself, namely that the side of God alone is the knowledge about the coming of the Hour; God also knows the time of rain; God knows what is in the womb; No one who knows what which will be done the next day; and No seorangpn who knows in what land he will die ". (HR.Ibnu Umar)

"I have been sent and the time gap between the sent me that with the arrival of the Hour are like these two fingers" (He SAW shows the index finger and middle finger) (HR. Tarmidzi).

"That the distance of time with the Day of Resurrection, compared with the time-time for the nations before you it is like between the Asr prayer with sunset". (HR. Bukhary and Muslim, from Ibnu Umar).

So, based on the word of Allah 'Azza Wajalla and Hadiths the Prophet Muhammad that no one can know when doomsday comes, whether from among any creature, either a prophet or apostle, or angel who always obey the commands of God and closer to Him. Thus, how do you think the Mayan calendar predicts Calendar December 21, 2012 is the End of Times?. What about signs that the coming days late according to Maya?.

Signs of Doomsday of Islam according to author described on other occasions. Good Reading.

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