DISTANCE TO OIL SUBSTITUTION PETRODIESEL Basically, the Indonesian state is still hanging with the use of fuel derived from petroleum and fossil energy, which is a source of renewable energy so that the availability was erratic at times. This will impact on the country's economic activity, especially in the transportation sector and the use of engine power for production. Indonesian as a consumer of fuel oil users should be more intensively to explore the sources of alternative energy direction supporting the production activities, thus reducing their dependence from oil and fossil energy. Fence Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) is a commodity rather than food as a source of renewable energy (Renewable energy). Vegetable oil or a fence from a distance of Jatropha curcas Crude Oil (CJCO) can be processed into fuel replacement or substitution of petroleum and fossil energy, such as diesel, kerosene and fuel oil Almost all the chemical components in biodiesel are low when compared with petrodiesel (diesel). Sometimes biodiesel does not contain compounds SO2, although there are relatively small value (15 ppm). Likewise with carbon monoxide (CO) generated quite low.

According to some references Sulfur is the trigger emission of SPM (Solid Particulate Matter) and black smoke. SPM particles or materials are karsiogenik trigger cancer cells. Engine vehicles using diesel fuel produces more SPM emissions compared with biodiesel, so biodiesel can be considered as environmentally friendly fuels. In addition, biodiesel is also friendly to the engine, especially on the piston due to a lubrication.

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