LEADERSHIP BASED ON WATER These uncertainties in life is a matter that is discussed and approved by various parties. According to some management consultants, not necessarily the increased uncertainty caused by environmental factors. Certainty can also be seen from the other side, that is an indication that we manage, moving much more slowly from the more complex environmental movement. So when our ability to manage the move with a speed equal to or higher than the level of complexity the environment changes, the increased uncertainty that need not be present in our lives. Increasing uncertainty is also determined by inability some rationality in the management. In the midst of a number of rationality standstill management lately, especially in the running wheel of leadership (leadership), we can learn from natural phenomena, namely water. Therefore, we will describe five dimensions / aspects of the water, the flow of flexiblity, sea and river, tranquility swimming, looking for a place to run the most basic moves and ride them evenly. The first aspect is flowing full flexiblity. Water (in normal conditions) did not force the stone, trees and other obstructions to Minggir in the (local) that dialirinya. Flexible nature of the water does not make less than the other natural phenomena, but the success of water through all barriers. Flexiblity thus a source of extraordinary strength. Ciputra (CEO) advises that "a leader who nearly succeeded in attendance is not perceived by other people." This means so flexiblity attitude that leaders of successful, almost non-existence so that people felt. Second dimension is the sea water and rivers. No doubt that the amount of sea water more than the river water. Reality occurs because the location of the sea is lower than river. Intisarinya that power lies not in the choice of attitudes to put themselves or more above the others. Conversely, the sea and the river showed that the power can be obtained with a humble attitude, and serve. Three-dimensional water also provides a valuable lesson, namely tranquility pond. Pond water that is left without disturbed the quiet work, such as glass. Function is to provide inspiration that the main task of a leader is a mirror for other people (mirroring). Recommend mirroring the concept of a leader to become a facilitator and catalyst for the progress of others. Fourth dimension that is when the water flow is always looking for the most basic. Great leaders and thinkers such as Mahatma Gandhi and Moh. Hatta said that the love of man and humanity is the most basic guidelines. So, if the water use as the most basic goal, the leadership of the people and humanity as the final goal. Fifth dimension of the water is still rising evenly. Water teaches us to exit dikotomi parsialistik (logikanya extol a particular function) and holistic (adherents often hiding behind the label strategy). Eye gaze (analysis) in respect of the issue should look to balance the elements matters, as the water rose to move evenly. Flexiblity water marks of leadership that does not break down or overcome. Trees are not forced Minggir, stone is not going, but at the same time successfully flexiblity full flow. So conclusion, we teach the water out of the dikotomi win-lose. Water has three characteristics that attitude that is valuable not budge, not defeat and successfully to the destination. (On the reduction of paper Gede freshman, based on the Leadership Practices Book Air)

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