2 LOGIC INTELLIGENCE  IN ORGANIZATION Humans are animals that were trapped in the network meaning that made own (Max Weber) In the organization, if the more intelligent people will make the situation worse. This is because smart people are busy just to protect the corners of the eyes and looked each (probably because of the knowledge, experience or interest). If this continues, communication in organizations less effective, because according to communication experts that communication only occurs if the effective running balanced between the mouth and ears. Of the few issues above, then I will become two alternative logic intellect so you can compare them and an interesting conclusion. Stone logic I will invite you to imagine, if the two stones with two stones, then you believe that the results of four separate stones. Without the assistance of others (such as cement or clay), the fourth stone is impossible will ignites. This situation exactly the same opinion with intelligent people who have never ignites. Every effort is to unite the different opinions, almost always marked with the impact-egosectoral. Either of sentiment, boycott, or to compete on the physical organization founded as a new competitor. Because of his confidence that the most correct, they dare to kill and destroy lives of others. Clever clever people who argue just to level up in the organization, as, while they involved the sacrifice of war lives of others and their own lives. This is the picture of a more severe (extreme) from the logic of stone. Confidence that the disease is the most correct, most of which wet nurse by intelligent people. The question, whether we should require people stupid people than smart? They have a long experiment, people know the difference between smart people with smart-smart. If someone can only be smart without clever-clever, it is very possible he will become selfish beings who want to win themselves. If someone can only be a smart-smart have no brains, then the he can be called a sycophant. Therefore let us examine the logic of water. Water logic Unlike the logic of stone, two units of water added two units of water will produce the new combination that integrates water. No matter plus mineral water mineral water, water, coffee with tea, water with the river water got, it integrates senangtiasa without impact. Basically, the logic of stone marked with separate, while the logic of water marked with unity. Logic of water is very important, especially if there is time to realize a different perspective is not a disagreement but together. Insight throughout our knowledge and experience to each of us. Thus, if we engage in dialogue and to remain vigilant against the risk of disease gumption traps, then you should try to water logic.

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