Spears in 1995 to translate the concept of a leader to serve in the real characteristics. According to studies, the leader who serves consists of 10 of the following: 1) Willingness Read 2) Empati 3) Make Recovery-Recovery 4) Increased Awareness 5) persuasive 6) There konseptualisasi 7) There are forecasts (interpretation) the right 8) There penatalayanan 9) There is commitment to the learning process 10) There is the establishment and development of community. Indicators experts that developed from the study after Spears and serving on leadership: 1) Leaders who serve and menghayati aware that he serve one thing greater than himself or the organization. 2) Leaders who serve to provide a precedent for the behavior and attitude that he wanted to attend and be part of the living followers. So it does not compel people to take over or force a behavior with a variety of things that he want. 3) Leaders who serve have the authentic personal humility, responsibility can be requested, the value of integrity, self-image and ambisinya, and he appears as a human being with kelemahannya. 4) The serving also discuss moral issues and taking bold risks in upholding certain ethical principles. 5) Leaders have a vision that serves and is able to empower people. 6) Leaders who are able to provide trust and understanding over the followers 7) Leaders who serve are often working in the framework of thought for a long time. He does not expect spectacular results too quickly because he realized that to transform the people and take a long and continuous process. 8) Leaders who do serve and proactive communication is two way. 9) Leaders who serve can also live in the midst of disagreements, and even he does not feel comfortable if the opinion, and the paradigm of a similar style. 10) Leader of the trust and serves to give authority to the followers. He has a picture positive, optimistic about them. He empowers them through the sharing of knowledge, skills and perspectives. 11) Leaders who serve persuasi and use logic to influence people, in addition to the peneladanan. 12) Leaders who strive to serve not to be heroes, but to create and birth-hero hero. 13) Leaders who serve do so many things and avoid many of the things that other people can do. It is important that the leader does not mean that serve akan avoid problems of conflict. He also does not become a noose that is controlled by various groups is strong. In the daily work of a leader to serve other people before. He also made people so inspired, pushed, learn and take over keteladanannya. Approach with the power but not the approach or the relationship relasional. (Quoted from the book Leadership Series I Robi Chandra). dikelola oleh tiga orang pemuda (Abede Thalib, Alyssa K, Lisa Nathalia) yang sementara belajar menulis, dan berdedikasi untuk menyampaikan informasi terbaru yang diketahuinya.

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